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OpenERP – How to export current ‘tree’ view to XLS: use web_export_view

Agile Business Group

One of the best OpenERP’s features is exporting custom data to CSV/XLS. You can do it by clicking on the export link in the sidebar. The export action allows use to configure what to be exported by selecting fields, etc, and allows you to save your export as a template so that you can export it once again without having to configure it again.

That feature is as great and advanced as limited for an everyday-customer-experience. A lot of customers want simply to export the tree view they are looking to.

If you miss this feature as us, probably you’ll find an answer into our new web_export_view module.

After you installed it, you’ll find an additional link ‘Export current view’ right below the ‘Export’ one. By clicking on it you’ll get a XLS file contains the same data of the tree view you are looking at, headers included.

As usual: any feedback is welcome!

NOTE: the module is still under development.


UPDATE 06/06/2012

The module is available also on github: